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Copenhagen Spectrum

Spectacular design, technology, location and work environment

31,000 m2 office space at DKK 1,650/m2
Copenhagen Spectrum interior organised according to your wishes
11,000 m2 exclusive underground parking
Modern and green construction
Climate-friendly technology

The green office-space of the future

The development of Copenhagen Spectrum is based on the well being of your employees, your business and the environment. Large atriums offer exceptional natural light and the double glass facade provides both thermal and atmospheric control of indoor climate. In addition to this, Copenhagen Spectrum utilises innovative climate-friendly solutions, such as rainwater collection for sanitation and solar cells for power generation. All this has resulted in a pre-certification as "EXCELLENT" from BREEAM, and a project on course for a low energy 2020-class certification. This ambitious framework provides energy savings of as much as 50% compared to current regulatory requirements.

The building is of the highest quality. I can personally vouch for that.

- Halgrim Thon, Chairman HM2 A/S

Bygningen er af absolute højeste kvalitet. Det kan jeg personligt stå inde for.

- Tidligere medarbejder

Spectacular design

Dissing + Weitling architecture

Dissing+Weitling is one of Denmark's leading architectural firms with a number of high profile projects to their name. For the architects themselves it is all about creating an optimal environment for human activity. With Copenhagen Spectrum this is manifested in the creation of a modern workplace where collaborative working methods, natural light, indoor climate, and practical solutions all come together in an innovative office building. All that and a location in Copenhagen that is hard to match.


The Developer

The construction of Copenhagen Spectrum is a project headed by a partnership consisting of Norwegian firms Havfonn AS and Hathon Holding AS. Hafvonn AS mainly invests in real estate, hydropower and securities. Hathon Holding AS invests primarily in real estate within the greater Nordic region of Oslo, Gothenburg and Copenhagen as well as securities.

For the development and construction of Copenhagen Spectrum, the two firms have created a joint venture in the form of the Danish firm HM2 A/S. The first result of the partnership between the two firms was the construction of AB6 Weidekampsgade 12-16 comprising 27,000 m2 including the basement. AB6 is completed and operational. The building is owned and operated by Hafvonn AS and Hathon Holding AS, and is an example of a project completed on time in accordance with all agreements.
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